What are tips and tricks you wish you would have known about when you started using Mendix?

For my current Mendix challenge, I'm thinking of making a video with Mendix tips and tricks for beginners. It will feature tips such as using ctrl + tab and ctrl + shift + tab to easily switch between documents in your mendix modeler, being able to set differently colored microflow actions on a project level, etc.  What are things you'd like to have known when you started? Please only comment if you're okay with me using your tips in a video! Thank you all in advance! Some ideas so far: ctrl + tab and ctrl + shift + tab to switch between documents set colors for microflow actions on a project level when using ctrl + g, use spaces between various parts of your search query, gives you back more search results locking search results subscribe to email updates from status.mendix.com locally change your own constants in project settings → configurations for testing purposes what does “mark as used” do how to use conditional breakpoints …?
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Ctrl+W to close a tab and go back to the one you were on before

Ctrl+G to quickly navigate to another document

Enter and Ctrl+Enter to close pop-up windows without using the mouse


Generate overview pages from the domain model (right click on the entity) is probably a good one.


Not all of these tips are for the faint at heart but a very useful list is given in this forum-question:



Hi Eline,

Lots of good advice, thanks a lot! I also want to add one more. I think the “find usages in actions” option when we right-click on an entity name in the domain model is also very useful.