Events action issue..

  Hi all,   I was wonder  about Events (On change, On Enter , On leave) in widget. Does it OK for using call microflow? Is it possible  to get issue on browser such as it does not call the microflow ?   Thanks    
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In my experience it’s not 100% reliable. Some issues I had in the past:

- event flow won’t fire if current user role has no access to the flow. I’m not sure if the client throws an error or not.

- event flow won't fire if the cursor is for example in the text input field and you hit some “proceed” button without leaving the field first.

- event flow won’t fire if validation on another field fails (unless you have ‘abort on validation errors’ set to false, which is often forgotten). If you fix the other field, the event flow for the first one will never be called.


If you’re really concerned about data integrity for example, you should (also) validate in the flow after some ‘save’ or ‘proceed’ button.


Hi Somboon, 

We never face such kind of issue. 

Always event microflows will get triggered as per the event scenario.