Userlibs - How to determine which can be removed savely?

Hi everyone, I've a question about which userlibs are required and which are not – and can be removed without damaging the project. I can imagine I can try out and see for myself if I get issues when removing libs, but I wonder if there is a faster way to determine which to keep and which to remove. Below I pasted a picture of the libs I have in my project. I'm running on a Postgres db with the 8.18.1 modeler. Any good advise for me? Thanks! Toon   
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You can look at the m2ee_log file located in the deployment\log folder, which jars have been evicted and replaced by newer ones. You should see see something like this

Evicted <localpath>\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-io-2.3.jar by <localpath>\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-io-2.6.jar.