CTRL+F hotkey (Find) behavior inside JavaScript actions

In Mendix 9.3.0, I created a JavaScript action. Inside the code editor in Studio Pro, pressing CTRL+F shortcut opened both the Mendix Find dialog box and normal text search box as we have in code editors. As both are open, but the focus is on the Mendix Find dialog box (picture at the end). When you start typing, it types in this dialog and results are displayed in the “Find Result” section at bottom. This is a cumbersome approach to search anything in your JavaScript code. Then I performed same steps in my Mendix 8.17.0 project, pressing CTRL+F only opened the text search box. I can quickly start typing any variable name, press enter and I will go to that line in the code. This is correct and expected behavior we all been use to But in 9.3.0, I am getting the annoying Mendix Find dialog search. Screenshots shared below This Find dialog box is not required when searching through JavaScript code Normal search like browsers or any text/code editor. It should be the only thing that open on CTRL+F when inside javascript code editor in studio pro I was unable to find any option in editor preferences to configure or turn off this behavior Anyone having any information on it? Any solution/options in editor?  
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