SSO and normal login not working simultaneously

Hi all, For our application we made SSO available for our users. Besides the SSO, the 'normal' login also must function. For that we have a p36awgj7wf1n5my7vpes792qa.html page. On the index we put the /SSO/ reference. On my local host these two perfectly function as they should and the index triggers the SSO while the p36awgj7wf1n5my7vpes792qa.html triggers the normal login. However, when testing it on our acceptance environment, somehow every url links to the p36awgj7wf1n5my7vpes792qa.html page. If i enter 'environmenturl/index.html’, I end up on the p36awgj7wf1n5my7vpes792qa.html and the SSO is never triggered. The constants on my local environment and acceptance environment are exactly the same. I just cannot figure out why it's not working.  Hope someone can help
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