How to view exact changes made in History?

If I have a project open in Mendix Studio Pro and I view the history, I can see all the commits and messages. When I click on a specific commit, I can see the “Changes in mode” and “changes on disk”. This only gives a basic idea of what was changed. For example if I add some extra access rules to a domain entity, the “changes in mode” simply notes that the entity changed. Is there a way to (1) view exactly what change was made or (2) pull up the entity.. or page or whatever exactly as it was in the commit I’m browsing  or (3) view some sort of visual side by side comparison of two versions of an object side by side? Without the ability to AT LEAST be able to see exactly what changes were made in the history, the whole history feature doesn’t seem very useful. For example we had someone make some changes to the access rules for an entity. I did a pull and I could see the access rules, but there was no way for me to see what the access rules were in the previous version which is something i REALLY needed so I could compare the old vs new.
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Unfortunately this isn't possible right now, but as a workaround you could go to version control → reverse merge changes, and go back to the previous commit. This will allow you to see the original state before the last commit. Just don't forget to reverse all your changes locally (or re-download the branch), because if you commit you'll undo the last person's commit.