Enumeration Pie Chart

Hello everyone. I have many Enumerations and I want to do a Pie Chart with all of it. I have the big one, that is called Area that has many values, one of them is DepartamentoLogistica that has many values too like EquipoTransoirte. I want to do a PieChart that shows you the information about the Enumeration Area with his values and their percentages and when you click on some value it will show you another PieChart with the values of the value you clicked on, for example the values of DepartamentoLogistica if you click on it, and the same if you click on any value of the value of the DepartamentoLogistica’s Enumeration. ation values.
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Hi Alvaro,

Add Pie chart widget and map the data for Area & Event as OnClick Microflow action to retrieve Department which is associated with respected Area, then map it to new Pie chart widget placed in another page