How can I add a csv import feature to my app ?

Hi, I’m a bit confused. I’m developping an app and i have to add a csv import feature. I tried to use some modules like CSVServices or Flat & Delimited File import but those two modules are out of date with Studio pro 9. Can anyone help me on that ? Do I have to develop myself a custom module ? It’s quite a popular feature and i think it must be already exist. Thanks MC 
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You can use Excel exporter


Hi Mathieu, below simple instruction helped me with getting CsvServices to work in 9.x:

  • download CsvServices in Studio Pro 8.x,
  • export the module as mpk
  • finally load it up in your 9.x project 



I use the CSV from Mendix

It took a little bit of work to get the Microflow working correctly, but mostly because I had a lot of business logic to add. Also, I still learning about how Mendix works.

For simple things, I will create an Entity with an unlimited string and allow the user to paste into the field, then use the split functions to parse. It works great for the small things that the user want to get into the system. 




We have modified the Excel Importer module (9.0.3) so that it can import CSV files too: ExcelCSVImporter. All functionality from the Excel Importer templates can also be used for CSV files using this module.

Unfortunately (for you): this module is not available in the (Public) Mendix Marketplace.