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Hi guys, Anyone know how to make end user can create a customized document template instead of admin created it manually in studio pro. This reason because in features, end user can change their document template by themselves. They also can make random template instead of admin keep changing in Mendix Studio Pro. Someone can give idea?  
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I don't believe there is a simple way to achieve this in Mendix at this point. Some possibilities are: 

  • Working with external platforms like Docmosis:
  • Making only tekst and images dynamic in a document template→ this does limit the flexibility of the layout towards end users. It however makes it possible for users to make changes.
  • You could build something like that yourself. This obviously requires the most effort. E.g. you could use open source java libraries to create and write documents (such as the apache POI for MS docs, PDFBox for creating PDFs). You could look at online WYSIWYG editors as an example of how to develop the front end of such a widget. 

Mendix does not support this, and the Studio Pro document templates functionality will not as to our knowlegde be further developed by Mendix.

We have a (licensed) solution available in which end-users can maintain document templates in Word. You can find it at 

Our module differs from the other marketplace content in that:

- Templates can be designed up pixel-perfect in Word with our Word add-on

- Data is not sent to external API's for generating your documents, but is kept inside your Mendix runtime

Please feel free to contact us at for any further inquiries.


I have build an AppStore module based on the Apache POI Java library that can do exactly that! Seen many different implementations with it already and works like a charm. You would have to create a Mendix page where all the objects are created and can be seen in a WYSIWYG way and let my module do the generation. See:

it comes with a demo project.