Can I import downloaded Marketplace parts into my project from the command line?

You can access the Marketplace from Mendix Studio Pro, select widgets and modules, and import them into the Mendix app. and the operations will be performed automatically. If you access the Marketplace from your browser, select a widget or module, and the * .mpk file will be downloaded. And you can import this file manually on Studio Pro. A. For widgets, after placing the file, select [App] → [Synchronize App Directory] from the menu. B. For modules, right-click [App'{Mendix app name}'] at the top of App Explorer-select [Import module package ...] and select the * .mpk file to import. My question is, can A.B operations be performed from the command line?
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Not that I am aware of…

However, Mendix does have an SDK, and you may be able to achieve the functionality you need using that. It’s quite complex, and is based on Typescript.

Iain Lindsay and Alistair Crawford gave a really good talk on how to use the SDK. You may find their slides a useful starting point.

Good luck!