Entity System.owner

Hello, i have a question considering the system.owner property.  Can someome tell me how this can be set from a microflow. I am currently creating a microflow that imports data into the database. And for some entities i need to set the system.owner property because it is used in the frontend logic
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System owner is only set when object is created in a user context.
The value can NOT be changed.

If you want to show who created an object, Never use the Account/Fullname or User/Name values.

If you do so, you create security impediments. Always use a prcess entity “Person”, “Employee”, “Customer” or alike which has a 1-1 reference to account instead add the name attribute to that process entity and use that in your application front-end.

According to described above → don’t use System.owner. But use a reference between affected entity and your process entity.


https://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/184/lectures/1451/4.6.2-Making-the-Custom-Navigation-Layout-Dynamic – here System.owner is used to filter records whose creator is the current user. 

Rene van Hofwegen, not quite clear why using System.owner should be avoided, could you explain pls?