database retrieve xpath , with multiple constratints

i am trying to do a retrieve on database and give query like below with “First” option ( not “All”) [column1=’One’ and column2=’Two’] and [column1=’One’ ] [ column2=’Two’] but i am not getting any records on the object or list . But if i do it with only 1 column it works. ex: [column1=’One’] or  [Column2=’Two’] but both together wont work even when i choose “All” or “First” any help on the query to use to get this working..
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if you retrieve [column1 = ‘One’ and column2 = ‘Two’] this means you’re retrieving records for which both constraints are true. It does not retrieve records for which only one of them is true.

If you retrieve [column1 = ‘One’ or column2 = ‘Two’] this means you’re retrieving records that have either column1 = ‘One’ or column2 = ‘Two’ or both.

The ‘All’ / ‘First’ option is only relevant if a retrieve can have multiple results. If you know you’re retrieving only one record, or if you use sorting and want only the first one, or if you don’t care what object you get, you can select ‘First’ and have an object as a result of the retrieve instead of a list.