Get the information about one entity to one microflow about a different entity

I have 2 PieCharts, one that shows the information about one entity and the other one shows de information of the other entity. The situation is when you click on the first entity’s PieChart it goes to the other PieChart. The thing is that I want to have the information about the first entity in the microflow that shows de PieChart of the second entity and I don’t know how to do it.
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Depending on your setup you could:

  1. Retrieve the data over association of a main or helper object. For example you create a helper entity that has 2 associations. One for the data of the first Pie chart and one for the data of the second. If you have the helper entity you will be able to retrieve both any time you want.
  2. If the data is commited to the database you can retrieve the entity from the database with an xpath statement for example