How to access team members database when working in a team?

Hi all, I’m working in a team in mendix . facing some problem in accessing database of my team member . we are working on same requirement and wants to access the database but when in settings i have tried to edit the configuration so that i can access the database the URL section it is not allowing to make changes . please guide me and if any other options are available to access database in a team please give suggestions too. thanks in advance :)
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If you want to have the same database as your team members copy the deployment / data over from their machine. You can not share this database with all the other team members. Because changes you made to the model are not their yet on their machine only after you commit. So sharing is a no go.





Sharing Mx database is not supported by Mendix (as mentioned above the different Mx models could impact the working).

However it is technically possible, for education/development purposes you can give it a go;

1 – create a remote db (on AWS or so)

2 – configure that db from your local environments

And you are good to go. 

Note: it could cause issues/errors, but play with around maybe it is doable for you in development, for me it was.