How to link sub services or requirements to a particular button?

Hi all, I want to provide sub services options or links when the user clicks on a parent link that is hardware in the given image . But not able to figure it out how to do this also when clicked on Hardware it will direct to a new page where this sub services should be shown as links and all these will be fetched from database (same for software)….. could anyone help me out through this for example : 1.)HARDWARE (it is a parent type)      -harddisk  (they come under child type of hardware)      -mouse      -keyboard 
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if I got you correctly, you have already the parents and the children data and it’s about viewing it, there are multiple implementation options here but the one that could help you easily is to have a list or grid view that will show the parents data and a data view beside it and use the option of the data source to be listen to widget and select the list view and add another list view inside the data view to show the children data.

there are other ways to use non-presistable entity as Helper and to have a flag of show and hide inside the parent List View