Want to change color of pages means create customize Pages color

Hi all, I want to change Color of Mendix Pages means Create customize Pages. Please guide for this .
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Good morning,

I would not reccomend placing styling information within the specific pages. What a general good idea is, is to adjust the colors within your SASS folder of your application.

Mendix folder > Theme > Styles > Web > Sass > App > _custom-variables.scss

This file includes all colors used within your application and allows you to change the colors:

See below picture of some variables that will help you. Find these in the file in your folder


In order to run changes and see them locally, do use CALYPSO:




Hi Akshay Katore,

For changing the color of your page you need to open the properties of the page and in style section you can set the background-color:  #####; like this.

By using this css property you can change the color of page.

Hope this helps you.