Doing an updatable attribute

I want to do an attribute that helps you to choose one name from a list of names. This attribute needs to have the option to add new names via a new page that let you do that and when you create a new name the list of the names have to be updated. If anyone know that, please contact with me. Thanks
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For selecting list of name you can use Label Selector widget and you can add new object using Label Selector. 


Hey Alvaro Riaño ,

you can do that through the below :

1- create one entity call it names and for example one attribute call it name.

2- link your entity with name entity (1-*) and the owner of the association will be your entity not the names entity 

3-at the page add reference selector widget ,And the name entity will appears to select the name attribute  ,Now you can select the names from pre-defined list

5- and for the names entity generate overview page and you can add new and remove from the list .


Hope my answer meet your requirement and resolve  your issue .