input widget of an enumeration

Hello everyone, I have an enumeration and I need to choose multiple items of it with an input widget. Which one may I use?  
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Hey there, in general it is not possible to select multiple values of an enumeration within one attribute usage, because it is exactly that: one attribute

if you want the user to be able to select multiple values, you will have to create a structure where the options are seperate selectable entities over a 1-* association to the main entity. This will allow you to select 1 or multiple options. You can then still choose to use an enumeration within the option entity, or choose to have the options editable within your application, using a string attribute.


in short: Use a combination of main entity + option entity with a value within the option entity that allows for names.


Hi there, Alvaro,


Both radio-buttons and drop-down boxes are often used in combination with enumerations, both in the Mendix-environment and elsewhere. However, it is my understanding that this is the match made in heaven, mainly because you’re not supposed to have multiple enums tied to one object. Not multiple.


If you’d have a collection of strings that multiple strings can be tied to an object from, you could actually use the “badges” widget, which is meant for that. In that case, you could for example, put badges with multiple theme-words underneath a blog-article to be able to tie it to a search-action.


I am willing to show you how, but I’m not sure about you want to do and if this is the way to go for you. I’ll gladly help you explore the possibility, if need be.