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  Hi all,   I try in create master data from sql insert WITH OUT use excel importer, the data can insert on entity as well and my applicatioon can select them from dropdow m but , after that entity has relation with another entity I got message  Some(Collateral)' should not be null after i switch to import from excel importer it is working very well, how to import master data with out excel import , I focus on SQL insert. how to generate the value for column “id” INSERT INTO ems."master$deed" ( id, Code, "desc") VALUES ( 1,'AAA', 'AAA'); INSERT INTO ems."master$deed" ( id, Code, "desc") VALUES ( 2,'BBB', 'BBB'); INSERT INTO ems."master$deed" ( id, Code, "desc") VALUES ( 3,'CCC', 'CCC'); INSERT INTO ems."master$deed" ( id, Code, "desc") VALUES ( 4,'DDD', 'DDD'); INSERT INTO ems."master$deed" ( id, Code, "desc") VALUES ( 5,'EEE', 'EEE');  
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A very simple way to get static masterdata into your application is to feed a JSON via a string-variable to an importmapping. The mapping will do all the hard work for you.


  1. create an entity having attributes ‘code’ and ‘desc’ (no need for id, Mx will take care of that)
  2. Create a JSON-element: [{“code”:”AAA”, “desc”:”aaaa”}]
  3. Create an import mapping using this JSON-element as source
  4. Create a microflow;
    1. Create string-variable having value [{“code”:”AAA”, “desc”:”aaaa”}, {“code”:”BBB”, “desc”:”bbbb”}, {“code”:”CCC”, “desc”:”cccc”}]
    2. Feed that variable to your import mapping.



Every entity has an unique id, which is hidden in domain model and managed by Mendix itself. Does it help you to add an extra AutoNumber column?


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One way of importing initial set of data is to create an API which will accept the request coming from e.g. Postman. Potentially this can me a REST service which will accept a collection of records and will process those within Mendix. This will require a simple mapping to your entities and should work perfectly for your case (provided that you consider other methods of filling in the initial tables). 


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