Unable to Upgrade App from Mendix 8.18.7 to 9.4.0

When we are trying to Upgrade our Mendix Version from 8.18.7 to 9.4.0, we are getting the below error. Attached is the screenshot as well. "This project has been incorrectly initialized for Git. Studio Pro unfortunately cannot load this project in its current state. In order to load this project, Studio Pro needs at least one commit within the repository. Please refer to the Git documentation on how to commit manualy.   Edit : I was able to figure out the solution. Hope this helps for other developers facing similar issues. Please note, in my case, my app is versioned controlled by Mendix Team Server and not by GIT: 1. Go to your App Directory in Explorer 2. There would be a folder called GIT 3. Take a backup of that GIT folder and remove it from your App Directory 4. Try upgrading the application now. It should work fine!
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Were you able to resolve this issue. Facing same issue for my project