How can i fix my errors when I need to show some information with a microflow

Hello everyone! I need to do a reference selector to select different values of an Entity (Proveedor). I have to do it on an entity’s page call CosteExterno which has an association with the other entity, Proveedor. All I do to get all Proveedor’s values is to call a microflow that gives me a ProveedorList that have all the Proveedor’s name. I have two errors when I do this because the data view wants that the microflow returns an object, in this case Proveedor and the microflow returns a list of this object. 
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A data view can only show a single object – this is why you're getting the error that you should return an object, not a list. A way around this is to use a widget that accepts lists, instead, such as a data grid, a list view, etc.