Grid Cell Styler in Mendix 9.1 and Custom Class Question:

When i used the Grid Cell Styler, it alert error:  Cannot read property 'className' of null TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of null And for the “class to apply” , i define a custom class called “background-Specialcel” in \theme\styles\web\sass\app\_custom.scss , then use calypso to compile it   Why it alert this error in Cell Style?  thank you.       And if leave  “column name” blank, it works on entire row  but i just want work on one column .  
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are you running calypso to process the created class? if you don’t run calypso locally, the class is not added to your directory, resulting in it not being available in your front-end:

other options to try as well is running a nanoflow instead of JS


I had a similar error when I had the cell styler inside a container below the data grid. The problem went away when I moved the cell styler out of the container so it was on the same level as the data grid. You may want to try removing any containers around the cell styler that don’t encompass the data grid.