how to select multiple values from same attribute

Hi, I am developing an app, where I am using enumeration type of attribute and using drop down to select multiple values but I am able to select only one value. so, can someone help me with this? what is the best and simple way to select multiple values from same attribute? please help me. Thanks.
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You must put all the values in ENUM to another Entity, make it 1-* association with your existing entity and use Reference set selector.

ENUM and drop down will not be suitable for your requirement.

Elaborated response

- Lets say you have Recipe entity and Category entity

- 1 Recipe can belong to multiple Category (in the below example I used *-* for different reasons)

- You will have all the Category related data saved in your database

  • Like master table for all categories
  • For which you must create pages to enter and save your master data
  • You cant keep it as ENUM 

- In the page where you will associate Recipe and Category

  • Use reference set selector
  • Generate the Select page and set it properly

  • Set the attribute with the association between Recipe and Category
  • Within the select page for Category, you can have datagrid to show all categories from database and you can configure for simple multi-selection

  • When you save Recipe, it will save the associations as well

Hello Pranaya,

If you are using drop down for an attribute then you can’t select multiple values.

The best and simple way to use the checkbox.


Can You Provide me with Your Domain Model?