How to insert a link in a data grid column instead of data grid 2

HI team, i want to insert a link in a default data grid column but i am unable to do that. by using data grid 2 i can insert link but iwant to place a link in data grid only can anyone help.
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Hi Srikanth,

I made a quick research and found out that you can try following different approaches:

  1. Use DataGrid Extension Widget (
  2. Use TemplateGrid instead of DataGrid (
  3. Add an action-button to your DataGrid (


Hope one of the above solutions does what you need :)


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Hi, you cannot insert links in to datagrid.

You can use, template grid, make it show only 1 column, then within that column, use layout grid so that you can design it to show like data grid. 

Within layout grid you can add links.

If you are really particular about datagrid, you can use NPE and clone all your results of datagrid on it. With additional attribute on datagrid to show links, you can simply show a link. But this approach will have two issues.

  1. Performance issue
  2. Making it as a clickable link, will become an issue