custom-variables in a styling module

I followed the upgrade guide from Atlas 2 to Atlas 3, using Mx 9.5.1 : moving-from-atlas-2-to-3#web-custom-variables i’m trying to understand if it’s possible to capture the custom variables in a reusable module, but it fails.   Let’s take the brand color $brand-primary . It has effect only in “theme/web/custom-variables.scss”, but is ignored in “themesource/your-module/web/custom-variables.scss”.   About compilation order, the documentation says The main.scss files from the themesource folders, specifically: Non-UI Marketplace modules, in alphabetical order. UI resources modules, ordered as in App Settings > Theme. Non-UI user modules, ordered as in the Studio Pro App explorer. Custom variables from the theme folder (theme/web/custom-variables.scss). main.scss from the theme folder (theme/web/main.scss).   Should i understand that the “ themesource/your-module/web/custom-variables.scss” is never merged ? Why the upgrade guide offers the option to put it at this location ?
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