Problems using a specific kind of color in a PieChart.

Hi Guys!! This is my first post in the community, so I would really appreciate a couple of likes so more people can see my problem (Maybe this will help other people too in the future). So, I’m currently working with a few charts in my app, and everything is going wondeful. But when I started working in the style of my charts I had a little problem with styling one of my PieCharts.  I tried to put certain colors (I’ll put them here in Hexadecimal: #0063A6 and #76C043; respectively), in certain order (the exact same order I just put them before), but it doesn’t show the green color (#76C043), it just shows the blue color and a variation of the same color instead of the green. But if I put them backwards (I move up the color green in the color section, so the blue color stays in the bottom), it shows the green color and the blue color aswell (as it should be). It’s so weird, I‘ll give you guys more info in the images down below. I don’t have a clue if this has to do with Studio Pro 9.5.0 or whatever, but if you guys could just take a moment to check if it works for you (using the colors I told you) and using the order I gave you (#0063A6 and then #76C043), that would be awesome. Thank you guys, and I apologize if my english is not on point, I’m working on it. Regards from Chile. P.S: I’m using Studio Pro 9.5.0 but it doesn’t give me that option here so I will just put the last version (9.4.0) as the version of the problem, even though it isn’t.
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Hi Hector,

I saw that you have changed the default color of your app. Could you show us what the developer tools shows you (You can find it by clicking Ctrl + Shift + I )? After opening the developer tools, could you click Ctrl + Shift + C to select the chart?  Then we can see why your colors are overwritten.  :)