Data grid values modification in collection

Is there any way to copy a particular value in any required column in a data grid table. Like we enter the value to be copied & will be asked in which column to be copied to selected list of values with the help of action button in datagrid. 
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Hi Kirti,

You can achieve this, however this will be done at the attribute level of the entity. You will need to create a non-persistent entity lets say ValuesEntity and have its attributes same as that of your main entity of the datagrid. 

Now, you can have a dataview with the ValuesEntity on your page. One you enter the values in this dataview (Single record), after this user can press a button to copy these values for all the rows of the manin entity and this can easily be done through a micorflow  with ChangeObject in a loop or in a single step through OQL statement

Hope this helps