Cant able to retrieve the records from data grid while doing pdf generation

Hi Everyone,  Step 1: Created time sheet and timesheet doc entities and associated(many to one)  to timesheet to timesheet doc entity as we can see in the screenshot below. Step 2: Selected the timesheet here for dataview widget and datagrid widget and placed the datagrid widget inside dataview and added the generate pdf button inside dataview section to generate all records into pdf view (see the screenshot below.)mentioned '[System.owner = '[%CurrentUser%]']' in data grid XPath Step 3 : Called microflow’’ to generate pdf in button(please look at the screenshot below.)   Step 4: Added the document template file into the folder and i added here first data view and inside added data grid with attributes like below and selected timesheet entity to this data grid and data view. And here for data grid choosen data source microflow also and done like below screens   Final Output: Able to download/view pdf but none of the created records are not showing here   TIA.
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Hi Tejesh, 


Mock Domain Model,

Mock Data Grid config in Page,

Mock Generate PDF Microflow,

Mock PDF Template,


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