Commit one object and delete the data that it had

Hi everyone. I have an error when I edit a project. I do a commit when i click on the save changes button and what i see is that the new project is saved perfectly but i have another one, the past one, with all its attributes written but with all his associations empty. All I wanna do is to have the new project saved but I wanna delete the past one. Thank you
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If you are trying to clone an object then you can use community commons clone java action. Then manually delete the parent object.

If you really want to edit that object, change some values and save then I think it should be simple too (although I dont really understand the business case):

- When you edit the project from datagrid or list

- That selected object is passed to the page as page parameter

- You can have save button that triggers the microflow

- Within the microflow, you will get the selected parent object which can then be cloned to new object and saved. 

- Then deleting the parent object is simple delete activity.

If this does not answer your question, then elaborate your question with screen shots