Fix the input data to fix value

Hi guys, Anyone know how to make the input data to specific fix value. Can I set to auto 4 digit for lot number? If user just key in 614, the result will be 0614. I am using string as object type. Below is the example:
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Solution1: If you already have CommunityCommons imported into your project: use java-action StringLeftPad.

Otherwise, solution2: you can do this in a microflow by adding activity ‘Change variable’


Surround this with a check if the value contains only digits, to prevent parseInteger throwing an error.

Or solution 3: simply some ifs adding ‘0’, ‘00’, ‘000’, or ‘0000’

     if(length($YourObject/FourCharAttribute)=4) then $YourObject/FourCharAttribute
else if(length($YourObject/FourCharAttribute)=3) then ('0'+$YourObject/FourCharAttribute)
else if(length($YourObject/FourCharAttribute)=2) then ('00'+$YourObject/FourCharAttribute)
else if(length($YourObject/FourCharAttribute)=1) then ('000'+$YourObject/FourCharAttribute)
else '0000'


Consider adding your check as a validation rule on the attribute of your entity.


If the user is entering the numbers to an input widget, you can define an input mask so that the user is forced to always enter 4 digits.

How this works is described in the Input Mask section of the following page:

Otherwise, you could also create a java action that adds “0” characters depending on the length of the string.