Do you have a convenient way to return the origin of microflow?

When debugging or source reviews, there is no way to automatically return to the microflow caller (submicroflow) after submicroflow. eg. flow1: AAA-->subflow1-->BB         |         |          aaa-->subflow2-->bbb                         |                         |                         subflow3->ddd                          |                          |                          ...                          |                          subflow N when I review flow1 and I need go inside to subflow1 then go inside to subflow2 and so on.  Is there a easy way from subflow N to back to flow1. You know I open too many window to  find flow1's window . It’s waste time and inconvenient.
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It would be a nice idea to have some info in the top corner indicating the usage of a microflow.

You can use CTRL+Tab to switch between windows