Iterate through attribute list

Hai team, I need to check all the attributes value whether it is empty or not while save the form. How to get the list of attribute value in a entity using microflow?
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As far as I am aware there is no way to auto-check all of the attributes in a microflow. 
You can consider adding the validations on entity level in your domain model but you’ll still have to do it for all of the attributes.

Documentation: Set Up Data Validation - Studio Pro 9 How-to's | Mendix Documentation

If you don’t want to validate on entity level, I suggest you download the CommunityCommons module and use the ‘IsNotEmptyString’ Rule to check each of the attributes.


What i would do to check if an attribute value is empty, for example in a password form, is to create a boolean variable and then a decision step with a small expression like


Based on the Boolean True or False you could input a new activity. Don’t forget to add the object as paramater and retrieve the object first though!