Decimal problems

I have an Amount field. It is a decimal, 2 decimals precision, decimal mode on fixed and group digits turn on. When I fill in 1200 then it automaticaly turns into 1.200,00, that is what I want When I fill in 1200,99 then it turns into 120.099,00, that is not what I want  In the input field, I can not add a point ( . ) it turns automaticaly into an comma ( , ) I tried to set the decimal mode on auto, i did not work And no, I do not want to change my language settings Please help me.
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Hi Ricardo,

Unfortunately, Mendix has an implicit configuration for this. Language settings and  decimal notations are mapped in a hardcoded fashion, which means whenever a language is decided for a user, decimal notation is also assigned accordingly.

So there is no Mendix built-in solution (known to me at least) to set decimal notation independent of  the language settings.

If you have a single language in your project (I assume this language is using dot (.) as a decimal separator which you don’t want), then what you could do is to set each user a different language which is bound  to use comma(,) as a decimal separator.

This is the fastest workaround solution for a monolingual project, in which you do not need to change anything else like default language of project or language setting of browsers. Just add a second comma-using language and assign it to be all users language.