Some components in the Studio is just being rendered as Text or the names of the type of element

We’ve found a strange issue where some text, links, microflows and other Mendix page components aren’t being properly populated with the values we set. For example – in the studio, we have this section for the top of a page But when it runs, we see this instead   We’re also seeing this for links, and microflow buttons and another example   Additionally details this doesn’t seem to be an issue if a user is logged in as an administrator. Only seems to affect anonymous users. We’ve tried looking at the security settings, rebuilding them from scratch, but with no luck. This is in 8.18.8 of the Modeler. The content has been imported from another module in another app, from version 8.6.9. We’re also seeing the issue in page layouts and other imported modules, also for dynamic fields where data populates text. This affects local, and test. But, it only seems to affect test for people who have a copy of the app locally – we’ve asked other people in the company to view the link and it seems fine to them. Has anyone seen something like this before? Cheers all.
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Do you have multiple languages in the app ? If you do, check if the text / link captions are correct for different languages.