Some LogNodes not visible in studio pro

I see that the list of LogNodes in my Studio Pro does not get refreshed as soon as I download a module from AppStore. For e.g. I download Community Commons module and run my app, the CommunityCommons module is not available for me to set at trace or debug, so that I can see what’s happening.  Is there a clever move I should be doing? Is this a bug or gap in my learning?
2 answers

Lognodes are only available in log node config when;

  1. default Mx lognodes are always directly available
  2. Custom lognodes only after they have been triggered once.
    trick: create a after start up microflow which writes for each required log node a log line. 

Lognodes only appear after the first log entry, I usually include a log statement in my after startup microflow for each logger I want to configure, logged at info level with a simple text like ‘Initialize logger’


Edit: Erik beat me to it! :-)