Generate an Excel file via microflow with a list as a parameter

Hi everyone. I have a select all button on a data grid that selects all data of it. When I click on the microflow button I have the list that I have on the select all button retrieved as a parameter and i need to export that to an excel file. Anyone know how to do it? Thanks
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Hi Alvaro,

What you can do for a list is, associate all the objects of the list to a root object.

Now use that root object as the input object for the excel export and the entity with list of objects you need to export will be your row object in the excel export template with the new association as reference to template input object.

 Let me know if this works for you.


Hello Alvaro,

in this link you can find an example like your case. Basically it uses a pair of modules and then you can edit the microflow passing the list that you selected.


I hope this can help you, let me know!