Error: Unsupported message type updateDependencyState

I have not changed anything in my model since last deployment, but when I try to run locally I am encountering this error, as well as this is not visible in “Design Mode” in StudioPro.    System.InvalidOperationException: Exception reported from web editor: Error: Unsupported message type 'updateDependencyState'     at http://localhost:63044/webEditors/main.js:1:6122852     at (<anonymous>)     at http://localhost:63044/webEditors/main.js:1:6119708     at new Promise (<anonymous>)     at n (http://localhost:63044/webEditors/main.js:1:6119442)     at http://localhost:63044/webEditors/main.js:1:6121354     at handle (http://localhost:63044/webEditors/main.js:1:6122900) Not sure what could be causing this, thanks in advance for any help. 
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