9.7 vs 9.6.2 LTS used for workflow

Hi all, My team are planning to mendix workflow , We are discussing for any feature of mendix WF on 9.7. Should we go to 9.7 or 9.6.2 LTS (https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/9.6)  ? I read about LTS version on https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/9.6 this version is more bug fixed, We’s not sure . we should go 9.7 or 9.6.2 , Is best ?   Thanks, M
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Staying on LTS has the advantage of having Mendix support, which at times of trouble is very helpful. Also in case of any legal disputes, you want to be on an LTS. Next LTS, 9.12, is planned for over 6 months, which is when you can consider upgrading to that next LTS.

If any function is added in 9.7 or up, that might be a reason to take a calculated risk to upgrade. Remember: the only way to downgrade is an uncharted path full of obstacles and manual actions, best avoided.