Setting up a self reference in a microflow

Hey i’m fairly new to advanced data modelling and i’ve been struggling with associating objects to each other.  Each component should be associated to an order item. Furthermore the components have a hierarchy and are split into structures, i.e. component of structure 1 has 3 components of structure 2, one component of structure 2 has 5 components of structure 3 etc.   How can i implement this within a microflow?   Thanks. Best regards
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You can do this in a microflow by adding a list of components to a single component.

Create or retrieve all the objects you need in the main microflow, then create a subflow with 3 parameters; 1) the OrderItem 2) the Component 3) a list of Components

In the subflow, change the Component to associate it to Orderitem (over Component_OrderItem), and use a loop activity to iterate over the list of components. In the loop, change the $IteratorComponent to associate it to Component (over Component_Component) and to OrderItem.