Loading Data Grid with ~6000 objects (SLOW!!!)

for different reasons I cannot use xpath as a data source. Therefore I am using a microflow instead. I placed a breakpoint at the end of the microflow and it takes around ~1 second to execute the microflow It takes an extra 2 seconds to load ALL the data and display it on the data grid (pretty fast overall!) Problem is that the page because extremely slow. If I click on a row, it hangs for about 5-7 seconds. 
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Hi Alex Chidichimo,

You should create a pagination.

And you can use limit and offset to retrieve limited objects. 

Hope this helps you!


Pagination is nice, certainly server-side pagination, but probably this will not solve your problem because it is slow not upon loading the page, but on clicking a row.

So: what does your page do when you click on a row? Is there a dataview listening? Is a lot of data retrieved?