Separately style words in one textbox

Hai all, I would like to separately style words in one textbox.(version 9.6.1) . i’m new to mendix, EX:i have a text box label caption is “Name *” so i have to give red color to that * how can i achive that. Thanks in advance!  
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What you want to do is explained by Martin Koelewijn in a thread here:

Copying the code just in case the other thread is ever deleted:

.starlabel label:after {
  content:" *";
  color: red;



You cannot style text in the same text widget differently. Though you can add to text widgets next to each other rendered as text (not paragraph) and these will be aligned automatically in a single row. specific styling cab be added to each separated widget

as example, these 3 tekst widgets result in below page rendering