Trying to Overright Some Core Sass Files in Mendix 9.6.0 version with Atlas 3

Hello Guys, I am trying to implement some custom things in my project So, I need to Over Right some Scss File of core folder in themeSource in Mendix 9.6.0.But I am not able to do I have facing some errors Like I am attaching in Screenshot. Please give me idea about this things where I need to copy these files and overright these scss.   Thanks  Disha Sharma
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It is not a good idea to overwrite your core styles because if you update widgets or modules from app store then there is a possibility that you might loose your changes.

A better solution would be to create your own custom css and sass and leave the core files as is.  

You can write your custom styles in the theme\web folder

You can refer to the mendix documentation on custom styling