Access attributes of one-to-many association

Hi all, I got a Create_DeliveryNote page where DeliveryNote is my page parameter. I would like to be able to choose a location (FullAddress attribute) via dropdown stored in the entity ‘Location’, which is associated to the ‘Partner’ entity. Because ‘Location’ is at the many-end of the association, I can’t find a way to access it. Is there a way to do that?
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If you want to select a location for a note, you will need an association between DeliveryNote and Location entities.  Once that is created, you can add a reference selector to your Create_DeliveryNote page.  If the DeliveryNote_Partner association is populated, you can use that association to constrain the values that are shown as options in a reference selector for the DeliveryNote / Location association.

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You have to use the reference selector for this.

Which renders as a drop down. Though the dropdown widget is only suitable for enums and booleans


On the Create_DeliveryNote page you have a data view for editing the DeliveryNote page parameter.

Inside that data view, add another data view for the Partner of that DeliveryNote.

Inside that data view, add a reference set selector for Location.