Dynamic field attribute visibility in a form

Hai Team, I need to show/hide the text box control in the form based on the settings for each attribute. In visibility expression,only able to get currentobject but i need the selected attribute caption.How to get that?
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You cannot access referenced objects in an visibility expression.

If you want to show a widget when a reference is selected, then the this expression will be sufficient; 

$currentObject/Module.EntityA_EntityB != empty


Hi ,


Suggesting @Rene answer for this case , along with that if your looking for associated object attributes values in visibility expression either can put a data view of selected entity and give your target input box inside of it or a data view with data source as microflow to get the required object and return. 

Note: Microflow suggestion would be use full in less on change events. Entering your values need refresh in client to run our microflow again.


Hope this helps!