Cannot commit

Hi guys, anyone know how to solved this issue?
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Just a few thoughts

  1. Are you logged in with your account in Studio Pro?
  2. Are you logged in with the right account  in Studio Pro?
  3. Did you have internet connection when committing?
  4. Do you run behind a proxy, vpn or… which might block you from committing?


if answers are Yes, Yes, Yes, No, then

  1. Try again.
  2. If not, did you try to turn it of and on again?
  3. File a ticket

This also happens when the Mendix portal is in Maintenance and should be working once the maintenance is completed.


This does sound like a network problem as Rene suggests.

Can you try outside the office, or using a different internet connection? For example, if you have a mobile phone with data, can you try to tether your computer to it and use that while you try to commit. If it works, it will point to the office network being the problem. If it doesn’t work, at least you can rule that out.