Issues with dashboard timeline

Hello,   I’m new to mendix currently attempting to develop my first app, I would like for this app to be able to show scheduled activities in a timeline. I understand there is a timeline widget that would basically fulfill most of my needs, but I would like something more customizable and the timeline widget didn’t give me the customization I wanted. So I’m trying to use the default page Dashboard Timeline:       This page gives me a list view within a list view and it just gives me the level of customization I want.   However when previewing the app and attempting to create activities in the timeline, it keeps duplicating the data everytime a new data is input like so:     In this case I would want both Activities to be show within 30/11, but for some reason it just keeps duplicating everytime a new activitie is added.   This is currently my Domain Model setup:   Both lists and the new button have the “DataAtividades” as entities.   Like I mentioned, I’m new to this and can’t seem to figure out how to solve this, does anyone have any ideas?
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Hi Leondro,

this is probably because you show the same list of data activities in every activity item. What you probably need to do is change the data source from Database to Over association. That way you can show all data activities that are linked to that specific activity.

It is important that when creating those data activities you set an association between activity and data activity, otherwise those lists will remain empty.

From that moment on, Mendix only shows the data activities that are linked to your activity.

I hope it works!