Im getting these errors, how do I fix them?

hi, I have a problem. I have those errors: ======================== the theme could not be compiled: error:cant' find stylesheet to import. 3\@import "hospital-window";  theme\web\main.scss 3:9 @use  C:\Users\hcnc\Documents\Mendix\Summerhill Hospital-main_2\deployment\main.scss 10:1 root stylesheet code is CE6093 =================================   I've been searching for solutions but unfortunately I didn't find anything that could help me. Do you have idea how I can resolve this problem?  Thank you in advance
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I believe this means you are missing the file hospital-window.scss in theme/web. Can you see if this exists? If it doesn’t exist, try creating it and see if that fixes the error. 

If someone else has been working on this project, it could be that they forgot to commit it.