Employee Time Sheet app

I have to develop a time sheet app. I am able to do this for single project or for a day. However, the requirements are below. The timesheet should record the whole week activity day wise. User may work on multiple projects in each day. some can be billable and some can be non-billable User should be able to add as many rows as he wants during the week. The overview of the time sheet can be like below. (just for reference).   I am struck at below points. How I can I add rows dynamically in new time sheet (new edit pages)? How I can store all these rows in single item (object)? In other words, how I can store each week’s activity in each object? How I should create domain model? Could anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.
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Overall suggestion is, you must work on your domain modeling and basic learning with Mendix. 

A possible think direction is:

- Your time sheet row must be an entity like Entry

- Your columns must be attributes of that entity

- Then you can have 1 Timesheet entity associated with User and Entry entity

- You can use simple microflows and buttons to create empty Entries and show when the new entry button is clicked

- Layout must be worked up as per your requirement