How to retrieve attribute of a non-committed object?

Hi all, I have page, where I can add and remove the association between the entity ‘DeliveryNote’ (page parameter) and the entity ‘palette’. When a palette has already been added and the user tries to add it again, I want to show an information message, that is has already been added.  Now to the problem: When the user clicks the save-button after adding a palette, and then goes back to edit the DeliveryNote, i can retrieve the information of the association via database. But when the object is not committed yet, there will be no message displayed. Any idea on how I can get this information in a microflow?
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This can be performed using a retrieve by association.

This type of retrieve wil query first in memory, and might do a Database retrieve if needed.

In you case, you will retrieve the non-committed objects over association.