Not able to login on Mendix Studio Pro

Hi,  I am not able to login on the Mendix tool. I tried it with versions 9.6.0, 9.7.0 and 9.8.0. Restarted my computer after the installation but didn’t help as well.  Both opening the installed Mendix tool or launching it via the Version Selector didn’t work. The links are working on the login page, except for the fields to enter my user name and password. I cannot type anything.  You can find my Windows specifications in attachment.  Could you help me out? :-) Thank you in advance!     
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I've seen this before!
If I remember correctly it may have to do with the resolution of your screen. Try changing your resolution in your screen settings in Windows in such a way that your popup fits better on your screen and see if it works.

You can also try to change the scale of your text in Windows. 

I'm curious!


I had exactly the same issue on a new Dell Latitude laptop. After installing the Dell displaydrivers this problem is fixed.